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Cheers to New Beginnings

These are exciting times in the world of Self-Improvement and Personal Development. Over the last few decades, there has been an explosion of research showing how individuals can live happier and more fulfilling lives.

And never before in our history have there been so many life coaches, websites, blogs, and other resources available where people can seek advice, discover tools, and take action.

This has been a benefit for everyone. Although these resources don’t replace seeing a therapist or psychologist, they are valuable options for people to have if they want to start improving the state of their lives especially when they don’t necessarily have a mental illness.

The follow questions are some of the ones which people seek help in order to improvement their lives or to accomplish a goal:

  • How can I live a happier life?
  • How can I change my beliefs and thought patterns?
  • How can I become a smarter decision-maker?
  • How can I regulate my emotions better?
  • How can I change habits more easily?
  • How can I become more motivated?
  • How can I become more productive at work?
  • How can I manage stress more effectively?
  • How can I improve my relationships?
  • How can I improve my diet and exercise?

These were the kinds of questions I sought answers to which lead me to starting this blog

“2 the Good Life! It’s the only life you should live!”

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And really, it should.

Who wants to reflect on his/her life with regrets.

No. One.

The Good Life Isn’t What You Think

Most of us have seemingly secure jobs and earn enough to live relatively comfortable lives. We seem happy enough; thus, having no great ambition to achieve anything more from our lives than what we currently have.

But are we really living?

Do we have a purposeful driven life?

Are we passionate and excited about the present and what the future holds?

Is This All Life Has To Offer?

There was a time in my life when I asked, “Is this all life has to offer?” I was drifting from day to day, week to week-living a life without purpose. I hungered for more out of life. I realized that life does have more to offer than the status quo, i.e., a nice job, house, spouse, children, and a fairly good social life.

And You should too.

You deserve a life you always dreamed of.

You deserve a life that makes you appreciate being alive even when things aren’t going so great.

You deserve a life of your own void of other’s expectations and restrictions.

You deserve a life that you can look back on with pride and fond memories.

It’s a Celebration

Here, on this blog, our goal is to celebrate the life we have while creating the life we want.


First, by changing our mindset. It’s the foundation of everything you want to accomplish.

Secondly, by being motivated to take action. Without sincere action, you will be wasting your time on this journey.

Third, by showing ownership of our journey with sharing our progress along the way. Remember it’s about “progress not perfection.”

What’s the Plan?

It’s a simple plan, but a difficult process because it’s going to take looking at some hard truths about ourselves and the current state of our lives.

This blog and the newsletters are to help you understand how your mind work, along with offering various advice, tools, and techniques. Thus, this knowledge can be applied today to make positive changes and effectively create a better life

Please be aware that although this information is based on research and advice by “experts” in the field of self-improvement and personal development, there is no single person who has all the answers, but many have important pieces to the puzzle.

Hence, the “Mind Your Thoughts” page (located under the “Create the life you want” tab) will get us mentally prepared for our goals. This section is the roadmap of your journey. In order to get the most from this site, start with the blog post “The Journey-An Introduction” on the “Mind Your Thoughts” page. Then continue reading the other blog posts in that section in order by dates.

Most of the blog posts are lessons that provide a variety of instructional and actionable techniques and tools to move you progressively toward a stronger understanding of self, and ultimately, a greater independence in creating the life you want.

Transformation Awaits

With that, you will either be convinced or motivated to make significant changes in your life, or you will see some semblance of a person who is growing and/or evolving, or you will have a new-found perspective and appreciation of the concept “living your best life.”

What’s My Motivation?

Many of us desire change but lack the motivation or effort to do so or to continue the journey. If you find yourself in that position, mosey over to the “Inspirational Minute” page where you will find motivational podcasts, video clips, and quotes.

So, let’s start this adventure with the “31 Days to a Motivated Mind” calendar which is full of motivational quotes and actionable tip to steer you in the direction of getting your “mind right” for your goals.

2 the Good Life! It’s the only life you should live!