About Me

Racquel, Rockie, Rock

a mother, wife, educator, a child of God

with plum color hair

who loves to laugh

a little frugal

slightly ambitious

who thinks “giving up” is rarely an option

above average self-esteem but occasionally ” second guess myself”

very realistic but a dreamer nonetheless

fiercely observant

a planner but will “go with the flow”

life-long learner

a do it “yourself-er” to a certain degree

dislikes clutter

can be stubborn

fearful of public speaking

energetic when necessary

a helper and giver

makes being positive a daily goal

appreciates uniqueness

writes a blog about living a purposeful life!

Hello There!

My birth name is Racquel, but my friends and family call me Rockie or Rock. I have been an educator for over 22 years. I hold degrees and certifications in different fields including sociology, library media, natural hair, administration, and life coach.

I decided to start a blog for two reasons:

First, some years ago, I became complacent and uninspired. I had a fairly good life even with its challenges; however, I felt that “something” was missing.

In my quest to find that “something” I “went natural” (a person who doesn’t apply chemicals to her hair) and loved it so much that I researched everything about it. I read books and blogs and watched tons of YouTube videos on the subject and spent a lot of money on natural hair products.

Soon thereafter, I decided I wanted to be a natural hair stylist. I was so excited about the prospect of being a natural hairstylist that I dove in with both feet. I obtained certification in my state and attended classes and hair conferences often-sometimes I drove hundreds of miles to attend an event.

Additionally, I became an apprentice in a hair salon so that I could gain experience. After a few months, I felt as if I was ready for my own salon.

In my mind, this was the “thing” I was missing because I was so excited and passionate about the prospect of having my own business doing something I loved.

I wanted my business to be at home, but not in the house. So my mother and I searched for that perfect building. We owned 3 acres after all. Once the building was secured, my husband and his friend commenced to renovating it to the specifications of the State Board of Cosmetology.

Meanwhile, I was making and handing out business cards and signs along with purchasing supplies-lots of supplies. I was creating hairstyles on mannequins and my own hair and advertising my skills on Facebook.

Within 30 days I had the salon I wanted-cozy and cute. But cozy and cute came at a price. After a while, I had a small clientele and with that clientele came some unpleasant truths about the hair business.

So after 6 months in the business, I discovered I didn’t really like styling other people’s hair. It looked glamorous and exciting in theory and on Instagram, but my reality was so different. The feelings of excitement and passion all but disappeared along with the time and the thousands of dollars I invested.

I was back to square one.

However, I didn’t give up on finding that “something” I was missing in my life.

Long story short, I discovered blogging and life coaching, and I haven’t looked back. Till this day, I am still excited and passionate about this journey. My blog posts and emails reflect that.

Secondly, I decided to start a blog because, in three years, I can officially retire from education. Although this will be an option, I plan to work longer. But in the meanwhile, I want to prepare for my 2nd act (being a life coach) and I want it to be just as good or better than the 1st one.

2 the good life because it’s the only life we should live!

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