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    5 Secrets of Goal Setting For Success

    The following tips aren’t really secrets. Most of them are simple, common sense things that should be done in order to be successful in accomplishing our goals. What makes these following tips a secret is that they are rarely a part of an action plan for our goals. “A goals’ action plan?” “What’s that?” “Are you saying that when I declare a resolution/goal, I have to make an action plan to accomplish the goal?” “Yes!” “So, when I decide on a goal, I can’t go about my life as usual without implement some type of action plan to achieve that goal?” The answer is simply, “No!” Let’s be honest, when…

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    Create the Life You Want

    Stop Chasing New Year’s Resolutions, Start Reaching Your Goals Today

    Rarely do people catch their resolutions. They can be quite slippery and evasive. With 365 days in a year, many people reserve goal setting for just one special day-New Year’s Eve. This special day is when most people sit down and evaluate where they want to be in the next year. There is just something about the end of a year that makes us want to reflect on our accomplishments.  In our minds, it makes the new year seem more conquerable. It appears to be shinier than the previous year.  We become motivated.  We become excited.   We become hypnotized because we see our future being oh-so bright. With our resolutions…

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    Create the Life You Want

    Self-Improvement Is Calling You

    I absolutely love The Journey by  Mary Oliver! Yes, I know. The poem often appears in self-help books or on self-development websites, and in my opinion, it should. Why? Because it is a reflection of my own story.  There was a time in my life I felt unfulfilled although I was a mom, wife, friend, etc. I had a good job and a decent social circle. For the most part, life was good. However, an emptiness still existed. It was an emptiness I couldn’t really identify. This feeling existed for some time even though I tried to ignore it. I told myself that I shouldn’t feel this way. I am…